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Tier 2 Weight Management

About this programme

Oviva Tier 2 Weight Management is a 12 week programme that puts participants in control of their own health by offering personalised support from a team of healthcare professionals. As a 100% remote service, participants can take part in the programme from the comfort of their own home and receive support at a time that suits them, via secure app messaging or telephone calls.

How to refer

Why should you refer your patients?

The Oviva Tier 2 Weight Management programme aims to help patients lose weight, reduce their risk of health complications, improve their health and make sustainable changes to their lifestyle.  Participants can choose to take part in the programme digitally using our online resources and app, or can access an offline programme if they don’t have a smartphone or would prefer phone calls. 

Accessible for everyone: Increased access to men, ethnic minorities and working age groups with 100% remote delivery

Expert care: Free unique digital tools & resources for self-led learning to support behaviour change

Transformative healthcare: New lifestyle-led health management rather than a medication first approach

Programme pathway

Oviva’s Tier 2 Weight Management is a 12 week programme with remote personalised support and self led learning via telephone or app messages. Participants are offered their own personal coach or coach-led support group to provide expert healthcare. 


Participants will choose to be matched with a personal health coach or coach-led community group, and will create their personal action plan. Support can be provided via the Oviva app or telephone/video calls. 

If indicated at triage an Initial Consultation with an Obesity Specialist Dietitian or Health Coach will be conducted.


Participants will receive personalised support over 12 weeks with periods of self-led learning to achieve meaningful changes to their diet and lifestyle. 

Accessible content on Oviva Learn is available weekly and appears in various formats; videos, podcasts and written materials to build knowledge to improve their health.


After the programme the participant will continue to build confidence in maintaining their new behaviour long term. 

They will continue to self-track their activities in the Oviva app and grow their knowledge using their lifetime access to Learn resources in order to further embed their new habits.

Eligibility criteria

To be accepted on to the programme, all referred patients must:

  •  Be aged 18 or over
  • Not be pregnant
  • Have a BMI of 30 or above. The BMI threshold may be lowered to 25 in some NHS areas
  • Be motivated to change their lifestyle and can commit to the 12 week programme
  • Be registered in an area where Oviva is available

Participant stories

Susan is a 65 year old from Gateshead who joined Oviva’s Tier 2 Weight Management programme to lose weight and develop healthier habits.
Susan is currently 7 weeks into the 12-week programme and has already achieved inspirational results.

“I am enjoying the journey so far and the progression I have made. I am motivated to continue to lose weight and become healthier. I want to feel my best for a holiday I have planned in summer!”- Susan

Renoy is a 38 year old from Nottingham who has been on Oviva’s Tier 2 Weight Management Programme for 7 weeks. Renoy’s health coach has provided support via the Oviva app and has specifically helped Renoy introduce a low carbohydrate diet. The modules on Oviva Learn have helped Renoy identify key mistakes he made previously, especially regarding calorie counting.

“The programme has provided excellent personal advice and learning resources so far. I have not only reduced my weight but now have more knowledge around ways to live a healthier life.” – Renoy

How to refer your patients

How can primary care refer to the programme?

After confirming eligibility and discussing the service with your patient please complete the referral form which is embedded into your clinical system.

What resources are available for patients who do not want to or are unable to use the Oviva app?

If a participant does not have a smartphone or would prefer not to use one, they can have all appointments via telephone calls. The individual is in control of how they would like to take part and so can participate with the programme in the best way for them. The app is not compulsory and you can complete the full Oviva Diabetes Support programme without using the app if preferred, although we strongly encourage all participants to download the app to have the best possible experience of the programme.

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Meet the team

Katrina Pert
Service Delivery Lead

Sarah Harrison
Clinical Lead for diabetes

Caroline Taylor
Service Manager