Personalised support just for you

A healthcare plan like you’ve never experienced before: tailor your Oviva programme around your life and make it work for you.

Your unique health journey

  • Choose how we stay in touch: Our experienced coaches can advise you via app messaging or phone and video calls – accompanying you anywhere your day might take you.
  • Pick your coaching style: Learn a new approach to healthy living through one-to-one coaching or peer group support.
  • Change your health for good: Together we’ll set realistic goals and make a plan to achieve them over the course of the programme. Our mission is to support you to create new healthy habits for both your body and mind.

What’s the difference?

Chat with your group via secure in-app messaging wherever you are, with support from your group health coach to guide you all.

If you don’t have access to a smartphone, you can join your group meetings through a video link or over the phone.

The Oviva app lets you track your food and activity, and message your Oviva group to help reach your goals.

You may have tried weight management groups before, but at Oviva it’s different.

Long gone are the days of travelling to meet your support group. With Oviva, you can speak to a vibrant and supportive community from the comfort of your own home.

Your Oviva group is a space to share your successes and challenges with people who may well be going through similar experiences to you, and can share ideas that have worked for them. You will gain confidence in making positive lifestyle changes by seeing the success of others, and get support when things aren’t going to plan.

Don’t forget, you still get specialist input from your health coach! Every Oviva group is led by an experienced coach who will monitor your discussions, provide guidance and advice for your questions, and support you all through every step of your health journey.

Why join a group?

Share learnings and experiences with people on a similar journey

Build your motivation with support from others

Share ideas and problem solve together to gain confidence in self-managing your health

Connect with others and build relationships with real people

We know group support isn’t for everyone, that’s why we also offer one-to-one coaching.

You can choose one-to-one support from an Oviva health coach, with all sessions taking place remotely so there’s no need to travel for an appointment.

If you are not confident in group settings, the one-to-one pathway is an ideal option for you. Your dedicated coach will tailor their advice to your individual needs and preferences. Just like with groups, you will be matched with an experienced coach who will check in with you throughout your programme, provide personalised guidance and advice, and support you to make meaningful changes to your diet and lifestyle based on your goals.

You can contact your coach via secure in-app messaging or video or telephone calls. Appointments can be made around your schedule, even during evenings and weekends, providing you with a truly flexible healthcare plan.

Why pick one-to-one support?

Attend dedicated appointments with an experienced coach

Coaching times to fit around your schedule

No need to travel for appointments

Personalised care which can be delivered in over 22 languages

The groups were very interactive, always with lots of good ideas and similar experiences. We all motivated each other throughout our journeys.

Pauline, Greater Manchester

The app has been a brilliant way for me to keep track of my achievements and any hiccups I’ve had along the way. Being able to see it at a glance on a chart is so useful!

Sharon, Wolverhampton

In my 1-1 appointments, my dietitian allowed me to make changes at my own convenience. She encouraged me throughout and if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have made the improvements I have.

Ben, Essex

My health coach always kept me feeling reassured, motivated and supported on our video calls. I will forever be grateful, thank you!

Julie, Wiltshire

I wish I’d had this kind of group support when I was first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I’m finding it so helpful to talk to others in the same position as me.

Simon, Birmingham

Having support via the app has made the programme fit into my lifestyle, I would definitely recommend it for somebody who has a busy routine.

Nimisha, London