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We combine personalised care from a healthcare professional with our unique digital tools. This blended approach will help you reach your goals and improve your health management long term.

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Why choose Oviva?

  • Choose how we stay in touch: Our health coaches advise you via app messaging or phone and video calls – accompanying you anywhere your day might take you.
  • Get a personalised plan: Learn a new approach to healthy living, one that accommodates your personal lifestyle – guided by experienced behaviour change coaches.
  • Change your health for good: The effectiveness of our programmes has been repeatedly confirmed. On average, people lose 9lbs on their programme, and 1 in 4 put their blood glucose levels back within a healthy range.

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Our app in detail

The Oviva app is your daily companion, providing insights into your health and activity patterns. When joining a programme, you will receive your personal app login details and can download the Oviva app to get started.


Track your progress

Record your daily meals, mood, physical activity or your blood glucose level directly in the Oviva app, so you always keep track of your current progress.


Keep a journal

Your entries are saved as a digital diary and your to-do list is updated daily. You can easily navigate between individual days.


Monitor your to-dos

The task area shows your suggested daily to-dos, always tailored to your personal goals. You can monitor the progress and, once you have completed the task, close it.


Check your weekly overview

Your personal overview is automatically generated every week and can give you insights into your current progress.


Browse learning resources

The Oviva app is full of helpful resources written in-house by our team of healthcare professionals. Read up on specific topics on your own and gain useful insights about your body and your health.


Analyse your eating habits

After just a few days, you will receive a personalised overview of your eating behaviour. Oviva shows which foods you eat enough of and which kinds you should avoid.


Stay connected

Speak with your health coach or Connect peer support group using secure app messaging.

Find your programme

We can help you with a wide range of health conditions, always combining 
personalised care from a healthcare professional with our unique digital tools.

How to join Oviva

1. Speak to your GP to see if you’re eligible

We’ll process your GP’s referral and then contact you to set up your Oviva account.

2. We’ll create your personalised plan

Choose between phone or app coaching and book your first appointment to set your goals.

3. Download the Oviva app to get started

Set your to-dos, track your goals and watch your progress!

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We look forward to hearing from you and one of our friendly team will be in touch as soon as we can.

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