Our programmes combine personalised care from a healthcare professional with our unique digital tools. This blended approach will help you reach your goals, improve your health management and gain the confidence to keep up your positive lifestyle changes long term.

The science

More frequent support means better results for you.

Studies show being in touch with your healthcare professional more often gives you a better chance of achieving your goals.

Support at home using technology is just as good as seeing your
healthcare professional face to face.

Studies show that it’s how often you communicate that determines your chance of succeeding with your goals.

It’s so much more than just an app.

Our programmes are built from gold-standard behaviour change theories and all of our clinicians are highly-trained and experienced in helping you make and sustain lasting changes to your lifestyle and health.

How does it work?

1. We receive your referral and we’ll contact you to get you on board and set up with your Oviva app and Learn account.

2. Choose whether you want phone or app coaching and book your first consultation with a member of the team to set your goals for the programme.

3. Download the Oviva app, set your to-dos, track your goals and watch your progress!

The Oviva app is an easy way to self-track your habits.

Track your weight measurements, physical activity, blood glucose, blood pressure, mood, food and more. Your coach will support you by providing regular feedback on your progress, helping you to notice patterns and change your behaviour.

You can create your own daily goals and update them in the app to help you keep motivated, access Oviva Learn on the go and see your progress in our new and improved graphs.

Oviva Learn is our online portal.

It’s full of helpful resources and content tailored to your specific needs to work through during the programme.

New resources in Oviva Learn are unlocked weekly. The videos, podcasts, recipes, meal plans and quizzes are all produced by our specialist dietitians and psychologists, and will support you to create new healthy habits for both your body and mind.

Join the 94,000 people on the Oviva app