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Get support to change your behaviour for the better with personalised expert care at home, at a time that works for you.

Clive's story

“Over the first period of 12 weeks I lost about 2.5 stone. If you can get through the first hard few weeks (like with anything!) - the benefits are great, it really did help. I didn’t have the urge to eat more which was a concern I had, that I’d still be hungry. The key thing is the support from the dietitian. They provide back up through the early stages. There is no embarrassment, everything is confidential and the chat on the app is great, anything you are thinking about you can get feedback on. My life has changed completely. I can ride 80 miles a day and feel great! I have no injuries due to losing weight, and will cycle up to 180 miles a week. Now I’ve seen the benefits I don’t want to go back to how I was feeling before.”
When Clive, 60, from Birmingham started Oviva Diabetes Remission he was recently retired, spending lots of time sitting down and was on 5 medications a day. He is now medications-free and is cycling up to 80 miles a day!
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We are UK-wide!

We’re proud to be an NHS service provider as part of the Healthier You National Diabetes Prevention programme, the NHS Low Calorie Diet Programme, and the brand new NHS Weight Management Programme.

Our programmes are also available for free in 39 NHS regions throughout the UK, eligible participants can be referred by their GP and in some areas they can sign up directly.

What makes us different

As a proud NHS provider, our programmes are free of charge

97% of people on our programmes recommend us

We’ve had over 94,000 app downloads

On average, people lose 9lbs on their programme

On average, people improve their blood glucose levels by 11.7mmol/mol

Nearly 1 in 4 achieve remission of their Type 2 diabetes

Our programmes are designed and delivered by health care experts

We’ll pair you with a coach for support unique to your health

Our care is delivered in over 22 languages


Our technology

We combine personalised support from an expert health care professional with our unique digital tools: the Oviva app and Oviva Learn.

This blended approach will support you to make manageable changes that can improve your health and wellbeing even after the programme has ended.

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