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We provide personalised support to help you make long-term improvements to your health.

We believe good health
starts with nutrition and lifestyle,
not medication.

Our values

We place you first.

Oviva programmes support you and your family to improve your health, providing personalised, specialist care every step of the way. We are flexible in approach to ensure you can access care at the location, time and pace you choose.

We begin with evidence.

Created in collaboration with our patients, expert health care professionals, and academics, our programmes provide you with evidenced-based advice and support as you make long-term lifestyle changes.

We tackle it together.

Our expert team of clinicians and health coaches work closely with you to achieve your personal goals. We are committed to supporting our staff and helping them to develop.

Oviva’s approach was designed and tested by NHS health care professionals, including doctors, dietitians, psychologists, and nurses, as well as leading academics in behavioural change.

The science

Oviva programmes combine personalised, one-to-one care from an expert healthcare professional with the latest evidence on behaviour change. We use technology to help make improving your health easier from the comfort of your home.

More frequent support means better outcomes for you.

Studies show being in touch with your healthcare professional more often gives you a better chance of success.

(Digenio et al,2009)

Support at home using technology is just as good as seeing your healthcare professional face to face.

Studies show that it’s how often you communicate that determines your chance of succeeding with your goals – rather than the method of communication.

(Appel et al, 2011)

Photos are quick to take and more accurate than keeping paper notes.

Studies show that photo food diaries on mobile phones are easier to fit into your daily routine and help to enhance the accuracy of knowing what, when and how much you ate.

(Boushey et all, 2016)

It’s so much more than just chat.

Our programmes are built from gold-standard behaviour change theory and all our clinicians are highly-trained and experienced in helping you make and sustain lasting changes to your lifestyle and health.