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We’re committed to working in partnership with the NHS to transform preventative care. We provide 7 digital behaviour change programmes covering prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, obesity and adult & paediatric nutrition.

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Benefits of partnering with us

  • Proven effectiveness with minimal costs

    Oviva is the only remote provider with at least equivalent clinical outcomes at significantly lower per patient delivery costs compared to face-to-face services. We are the only provider with proven randomised control trial evidence of effectiveness.

  • Gold standard care

    Our programmes are developed and led by expert healthcare professionals. Combined with our unique digital tools, they effectively support patient activation and sustained self-management.

  • Trustworthy and accessible

    Our app is the only of its kind to be a certified medical device CE marked and NHS Digital approved, and we have robust clinical and information governance procedures. Delivery is 100% remote and tailored to each patient’s needs, language and dietary requirements.

Effective programmes

We partner with the NHS to offer proven digital behaviour change programmes covering prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, tier 2 & 3 obesity and adult & paediatric nutrition.

Diabetes Prevent


Average weight loss achieved at 9 months

Diabetes Prevent

Uptake from referral79%
Average weight loss at 9 months-4.54kg
Participants with BMI>30kg/m2 lost more than 5% body weight28%

For more information about our clinical outcomes for Diabetes Prevent, please contact us.

Diabetes Support


Average body weight reduction

Diabetes Support

Uptake from referral73%
Average body weight reduction-4.3kg
Average HbA1c reduction at 6 months-11.7mmol/mol
Participants who achieved HbA1c <48mmol/mol at 6 months30.4%
Programme completion82%

Diabetes Remission


Average HbA1c reduction at 6 months

Diabetes Remission

12 week Total Diet Replacement completion rate90%
Average body weight reduction at 6 months-14.2kg
Average HbA1c reduction at 6 months-15.8mmol/mol
Prescriptions stopped on average per participant3.5
Retention at 6 months83%

Weight Management


Average body weight reduction

Weight Management

Uptake from referral89%
Average body weight reduction at 6 months in completers-6.8%
Difference in weight loss between face to face and remote treatment0
Completion rate88%

Adult nutrition support


Oral Nutrition Supplement prescriptions stopped or changed

Adult nutrition support

Oral Nutrition Supplement (ONS prescriptions) stopped or changed55%
MUST score (high risk)-28%
Average BMI increase3.45kg/m2
Annual cost-savings (ONS prescription change) per patient£416

paediatric allergy


of parents rated their experience as good or very good

paediatric allergy

Parents who rated their experience as good or very good97%
Reduction in prescription savings-35%
Infants who successfully passed the milk reintroduction phase35%

We are founded on research

We are convinced that Oviva works best when we research and analyse data in our field. This is how we continuously improve our app-based care and adapt it to the needs of our users.

To do this, we work closely with our expert advisory board. You can access our studies and publications with just one click.

Studies and publications

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