Oviva Diabetes Support

Oviva Diabetes Support will help you transform your health and develop skills to build your confidence in managing your Type 2 diabetes.

How to join

We’ll help nurture your relationship with your health.

In this 12 week programme, you will be supported by your own personal health coach to better manage your diabetes, improve your blood glucose levels, lose weight if you need to and to build new habits to help you lead a healthier, happier lifestyle.

  • You could lose over 9lbs!

  • You could improve your blood glucose levels by 12.8mmol/mol

  • 1 in 4 achieve remission of their Type 2 diabetes

  • Flexible appointments, even during evenings and weekends

  • Reduce your medications

  • Kick start new healthy habits for the long term

Your care

Your appointments will happen over the phone or via private messaging in the Oviva app, which only your coach can see.

Ask as many questions as you like when they come to mind, and your coach will check in at regular intervals.

Use the Oviva app to track your weight, food, activity, mood, blood glucose and blood pressure. This will be shared with your coach so they can give you truly tailored advice.

New resources in Oviva Learn are unlocked weekly. The videos, podcasts, recipes, quizzes are all produced by our specialist dietitians and psychologists, and will support you to create new healthy habits for both your body and mind.

How it works

Mr D's story

“This was my first time on a programme like this. I’d always avoided stuff like that, I thought they’d be all about salad but this was a different story entirely. My dietitian was very helpful – she’s helped me beyond the programme. I spoke to her through phone calls and app messaging. She gave a meal plan, taught me about a balanced diet, flavours, what to add to a meal and what to reduce. She didn’t tell me to just eat salad, I was able to eat proper meals but now I control the portion size and the number of meals I have.”

Mr D, 43, from Buckinghamshire took part in Oviva Diabetes Support in 2020, and so far has lost a total of 10.4kg.

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We are available all over the UK, so speak to your GP practice to see if you can be referred to Oviva Diabetes Support. Please note the programme may vary in different NHS regions.

Some locations where you can self-refer are:

Bath and North East Somerset









If you are registered with a GP practice in one of the areas listed above, please complete the form below and one of the Oviva team will call you to organise your first phone appointment!

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