Oviva’s New Obesity Service Planning Tool for Effective Weight Management Services

A Game-Changer for the NHS

The NHS is constantly seeking innovative solutions to address the pressing health challenges in the UK. One such challenge is obesity, a growing public health concern that affects over 30% of the population in England.

The impact of obesity on the health economy

The impact of obesity on the health economy is staggering, with around 1.6 million people living with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 40 across England. These individuals cost an additional £1,500 annually compared to someone with a BMI under 30, resulting in an extra cost of £66 million each year for the average Integrated Care System (ICS).

people living with a BMI over 40
annual healthcare costs for those with a BMI over 40
the extra annual cost for the average ICS

Understanding costs to the NHS

Understanding these costs and identifying potential savings is crucial for the NHS. That’s where Oviva’s new Obesity Service Planning Tool (OPST) can help.

The Obesity Service Planning Tool (OPST), developed by RES Consortium on behalf of Oviva, is designed to help Integrated Care Systems in the NHS see the true cost of commissioning a Tier 3 Weight Management service.

What our data shows

With Oviva as their digital provider, an NHS ICS could achieve nearly £500,000 in savings over a 5-year period. These figures are based on a forecast of 1250 available places, and the savings could be even more substantial if capacity was expanded to support more people living with complex obesity.

Consider the potential impact of doubling capacity. The financial benefits would be incredibly significant, but the impact on the health and well-being of those living with obesity would be priceless.


The need for specialist weight management services is urgent. By bridging the gaps in these services, we can make a substantial difference in the fight against obesity and promote health equity. It’s crucial for an ICS to understand the cost of current Tier 3 Weight Management services in order to make cost-effective decisions for the future.

Getting insight for your locality

Oviva is committed to providing digital solutions that not only save costs but also improve the quality of life for those battling obesity. The use of our new OPST tool is a step towards a healthier and more economically sustainable future for the NHS and the communities it serves.

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The provision of Tier 3 weight management services varies across the UK, and there are multiple barriers to attendance.

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