Alignment to NHS priorities

NHS Five Year Forward View

Getting serious about prevention Oviva’s behavioural change programmes help prevent lifestyle-related illnesses
Promoting patient self care Oviva empowers people with long-term conditions to manage their own health
New ways of delivering care Oviva’s remote delivery model (via app and phone) is time and cost efficient


Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs)

Taking preventative steps Oviva’s programmes treat people with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes early to help reduce complications
Equipping patients with tools and resources Oviva provides a combination of video, audio and written prevention-focused advice and resources
Flexible model tailored to patient needs Oviva uses motivational interviewing and family networks to tailor support to each individual and is available in multiple languages


RightCare Commissioning for Value

Reducing admissions related to diet-related diseases Oviva’s programmes improve health status, reducing the burden of diet-related conditions
Lowering diabetes prescribing spend Oviva’s dedicated diabetes programmes drive reductions in prescription spend by improving blood sugar control
Preventing complications in people with diabetes Oviva’s dedicated diabetes programmes prevent complications by improving blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels