FOR people living with TYPE 2 DIABETES

Diabetes Support

About this programme

Oviva Diabetes Support is a fully remote, personalised Type 2 diabetes structured education and behaviour change programme, led by a diabetes specialist dietitian or health coach over 12 weeks.

How to refer

Why should you refer your patients?

The programme aims to widen access to structured education, support participants to learn how to self-manage, and help drive significant improvements in the three treatment targets. We offer transformative healthcare which is lifestyle-led health management rather than a medication first approach creating a 10% reduction in primary care attendance for diabetes. 

3.7kg average participant weight loss

Participants on average reduced their HbA1c by 14 mmol/mol

100% of our participants are likely or extremely likely to recommend us to friends or family

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Programme pathway

Participants are guided through a core educational curriculum, supported by one-to-one or group personalised coaching in the form of frequent app coaching or phone calls over three stages of the 12 week programme. Participants receive personalised support to achieve meaningful and manageable changes to their diet and lifestyle, as well as a focus on improving blood glucose levels. 


A phone call or app contact with a diabetes specialist dietitian or health coach to explain the programme and set mutually agreed objectives.


12 weeks of personalised support from a diabetes specialist dietitian or health coach (either 1:1 or groups) to achieve meaningful changes to the participant’s diet and lifestyle.


Focusing on maintaining these new healthy behaviours for life, the patient will continue to have access to the Oviva app and learning resources.

Eligibility criteria

To be accepted on to the programme, all referred patients must:

  • Be aged 18 or over
  • Have a confirmed diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes
  • Be registered with a GP practice within the CCG
  • Not be pregnant
  • Not have a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes
  • Not diagnosed with a significant learning disability or untreated mental health condition that makes it difficult for them to engage in care
  • Not under the current care of a dietitian

"The appointments were flexible, and they fitted into my life well...if I could describe Oviva in one word, it would be excellent!"


"The dietitian explained everything – she took the time to make sure I understood why certain things were 'good' or 'bad'. For someone who works and hasn’t got the time to do these things, it was very useful not having to go to any appointments"


"By adopting an exercise regime and healthy eating, my general health has improved dramatically."


"My dietitian had a very in-depth knowledge and she always seemed to know what would work for me. I would advise anyone to take this opportunity, you will not be nagged, it is not intrusive and you will always be called or messaged at the agreed time!"


"The biggest and most useful improvement is understanding my condition and my relationship with food"


How to refer your patients

How can primary care refer to the programme?

After confirming eligibility and discussing the service with your patient, please complete the referral form which is embedded into your clinical system.

For any additional questions on Oviva or the Diabetes Support Programme please visit our FAQ page.

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Meet the team

All Oviva services are overseen by our experienced team of service managers, clinical leads, specialist dietitians and health coaches.

Carine Jelinek
Service Delivery Lead

Rasnaam Tiwana
Service Manager

Juliet Finnie RD
Clinical Lead for diabetes