FOR people at risk of type 2 diabetes

 Diabetes Prevention Programme

About this programme

Oviva Diabetes Prevent is a fully remote behaviour change programme to help people at risk of Type 2 diabetes manage their weight, achieve a healthy blood glucose level, and reduce their risk of developing the condition.

The programme is delivered on a one-to-one basis by a team of dietitians and health coaches over 9 months via app coaching or phone, with additional support from an online education platform to promote self-led learning.

How to refer

Why should you refer your patients?

Oviva’s Diabetes Prevention programme matches participants with a specialist dietitian to develop a personalised healthcare plan tailored to their needs and lifestyle. This tailored approach ensures participants are receiving the coaching they need to reach and maintain their goals. Our aim is to support participants to make sustainable and healthy lifestyle changes to help manage their weight, achieve a healthy blood glucose level, and reduce their risk of developing the condition.

Participants who take part in the programme have a 50% lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes!

Initial assessment with a specialist dietitian to provide a tailored healthcare plan followed by one-to-one coaching.

On average participants lose 4.5kg where weight loss is their personal goal.

Programme pathway

The 9 month programme delivers one to one coaching via the NHS approved app or telephone calls. This flexible approach allows participants to chose a coaching method that is accessible to them and fits in with their lifestyle. An initial assessment is carried out with a diabetes specialist dietician to create a structured, tailored healthcare plan that will set them up to make sustainable changes through out their journey.


Initial assessment with a Diabetes Specialist Dietitian to explain the programme and set mutually agreed objectives. The initial assessment is also an opportunity to tailor the programme to best fit the needs of the participants lifestyle.


6 weeks of coaching with a personal health coach. This coaching along with the Oviva Learn modules, will support the participant in the early stages of making long term changes to their lifestyle.



Monthly check-ins with their health coach for the remainder of the programme. These check ins provide support and continue to build confidence in maintaining a healthier lifestyle even after the programme has ended.

Eligibility criteria

  • Aged 18 or over
  • At high risk of developing type 2 diabetes (identified from a blood test, or if you have previously had gestational diabetes)
  • Motivated to change your lifestyle and able to commit to the 9 month programme
  • Not pregnant
  • Registered in an area where Oviva is available

How to refer your patients

How can primary care refer to the programme?

After confirming eligibility and discussing the service with your patient please complete the referral form which is embedded into your clinical system. 

What resources are available for patients who do not want to or are unable to use the Oviva app?

If a participant does not have a smartphone or would prefer not to use one, they can have all appointments via telephone calls. The individual is in control of how they would like to take part and so can participate with the programme in the best way for them. The app is not compulsory and you can complete the full Oviva Diabetes Support programme without using the app if preferred, although we strongly encourage all participants to download the app to have the best possible experience of the programme.

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