app-guided psychotherapy

Discover what Oviva can offer and how we can help.

Why choose Oviva?

Oviva offers psychotherapy in your GP clinic, flexibel onsite or remotely via video. Our psychotherapists are federally licensed and experienced.

They define jointly with you a path that suits your needs. Our close coordination with your GP ensures an ideal therapy.

How we can help

Why Oviva?

At Oviva, we work with you to create a personalised plan. We consider your personal lifestyle, environment, and your hopes and goals. This allows us to tailor our recommendations to you and your life.

The coaching process

During our first session, we’ll discuss your current wellbeing and previous medical history. We’ll talk about your eating habits and your daily lifestyle so that we can set realistic goals going forward. Together we’ll develop the right plan to address your needs.

How to register

You will receive details on how to log in to the app when you register.

1. Visit your doctor

Your doctor will prescribe psychotherapy according to your individual needs.


2. Make an appointment

Choose a suitable time for your first Oviva psychotherapy session via your GP surgery.

3. Download the app

You will receive a text 7 days before your first appointment, asking you to download the Oviva app and register.

Expert advisory board

Dr. phil. Batya Licht

Dr. phil. Batya Licht is a very experienced, federally licensed psychotherapist, supervisor and lecturer. Her expertise includes treatments of patients with eating disorders, autism, chronic depression and anxiety. After working for many years as a lead psychotherapist in a renowned psychiatric clinic in Switzerland, she now focuses on work in her own practice.

Prof. Dr. Urs Hepp

Prof. Dr. Urs Hepp is a renowned scientist and psychiatrist. His expertise is consultation and liaison psychiatry, psychosomatic and psychiatric reports. After his positions as chief psychiatrist and medical director in leading psychiatric clinics, he now works in his own practice as a psychiatrist and consultant.

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