Multidisciplinary treatment with psychotherapy

Excess weight, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure often lead to mental challenges in addition to physical complaints. Our federally recognized psychotherapists support patients in coping with mental challenges and provide holistic advice helping patients achieve their health and weight goals.

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We are your contact for:

  • Stress management
  • Emotional regulation (e.g. emotional eating)
  • Dysfunctional, cognitive and behavioral pattern processing
  • Burnout and depression management
  • Anxiety management
  • Sleep disorder management
  • Coping with interpersonal challenges
  • Binge-eating disorders

Get to know our leading psychotherapists:

Dr. Suzana Stojiljkovic

Head of Mental Health and licensed and accredited psychotherapist

Alessandra Gerber

licensed and accredited psychotherapist, specialist psychologist for psychotherapy FSP

Dr. Niclà Lozza

licensed and accredited psychotherapist

Stefanie Traber

licensed and accredited psychotherapist, FSP psychologist

Matthias Baumann

licensed psychotherapist

Our approach

  • Interdisciplinary care

    Following your diagnosis of a patient and once our treatment plan is in place, we will get in touch to discuss the next steps. We guarantee seamless collaboration between yourself as a specialist and our organisation.

  • Easy access

    We offer patients video consultations upon request. These are supplemented by traditional face-to-face sessions at our locations in Zurich, Bern, Winterthur and Basel.

  • Our work is evidence-based

    Our range of therapies is based exclusively on evidence-based therapy methods. We are convinced that additional evaluations and data enable us to optimally adapt our approach to the needs of our patients, offering them the best possible results from therapy.


Patient referrals

Physicians can refer patients struggling excess weight, obesity and concomitant symptoms for psychotherapy using the referral form at 

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Expert advisory board for psychotherapy

Dr. phil. Batya Licht

Dr. phil. Batya Licht is an experienced, federally recognized psychotherapist, supervisor and lecturer. Her areas of specialisation include the treatment of eating disorders, autism spectrum disorders, chronic depression and anxiety. After working for many years in a management role at a leading psychiatric clinic, she now works in her own practice.

Prof. Dr. Urs Hepp

Prof. Dr. Urs Hepp is a renowned scientist and psychiatrist. His clinical specialties include consultation and liaison psychiatry, psychosomatics and psychiatric assessments. After holding positions as chief physician and medical director in leading psychiatric clinics, he now works independently as a psychiatrist and consultant.

lic. phil. Vanesa Sauvain-Martin

Vanesa Sauvain-Martin is a federally recognized psychotherapist with experience in inpatient, day-care and outpatient settings. After many years of professional experience in a management position in a renowned psychiatric clinic, she now works in her own practice. As a psychotherapist, she focuses on holistic treatment and is an expert in the field of eating behaviour and mental health as well as depression, personality disorders and anxiety.

Our work is evidence-based

We believe that Oviva works best when we conduct our own research and analyse data in our field of specialisation. This allows us to continuously improve our app-guided care and to tailor it to the needs of our users.

To do this, we work closely with our expert advisory board. You can access our studies and publications below.

Studies and publications

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