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Dietary advice with the Oviva app

A balanced diet, more exercise, improved wellbeing: Oviva supports patients with health concerns such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure to make lasting changes to their lifestyle and to successfully lose weight. In most cases, standard health insurance covers the cost of Oviva dietary advice.

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Tailored to your needs

Here at Oviva, we are constantly working to support you with the best app-guided therapy to help improve your lifestyle. Living with the symptoms and discomfort that go together with weight-related illnesses isn’t easy. To help you get back to better health, we offer one-to-one dietary coaching and psychotherapy (as requested). We focus on your symptoms, any discomfort you have, your diagnosis and your goals.


  • Leave obesity behind you (BMI 30-40)
  • Make changes to your diet you can stick to. No calorie counting or restrictions 
  • Also improves concomitant diseases such as fatty liver disease, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and sleep apnoea

Type 2 diabetes and other metabolic disorders

  • Improve your blood sugar levels and reach your desired weight
  • Find out which foods suit you best
  • Also improves concomitant diseases such as impaired glucose tolerance, lipid metabolism disorders, rheumatic disorders, high blood pressure and thyroid disorders

High blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases

  • Lower high blood pressure and improve blood lipid levels
  • Make changes to your diet you can stick to, improve your quality of life and keep your heart healthy
  • Also beneficial for coronary heart conditions such as high cholesterol and triglyceride levels and cardiac arrhythmias

Pre- and post-bariatric surgery care

  • Find out what’s important to consider in your diet before and after surgery
  • Change your diet for good (before or after surgery)
  • Also improves concomitant diseases such as fatty liver disease, raised cholesterol levels, cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and sleep apnoea

Digestive disorders

  • Reduce digestive symptoms such as diarrhoea, constipation, flatulence, heartburn and stomach pain
  • Find out which foods suit you best
  • Also beneficial for irritable bowel syndrome, CED (chronic inflammatory bowel disease), Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, gallstones, pancreatitis, gluten intolerance or food intolerances such as lactose, fructose or histamine intolerance.

Rheumatism and gout

  • Relieve pain and increase mobility
  • Find out which foods suit you best

Food allergies and intolerances

  • Reduce digestive problems such as diarrhoea, constipation, flatulence, heartburn and stomach pain and prevent allergic reactions
  • Find out which foods suit you best
  • Also beneficial in cases of cross-reactivity (e.g. birch pollen, nut, pome fruit), food allergies and pseudo allergies

Kidney disease

  • Adapt your diet to your kidney function or support kidney replacement therapy
  • Also beneficial in cases of pre-dialytic renal failure, kidney stones, kidney failure, renal cell cancer, polycystic kidney disease (cystic kidneys).


  • Give your body the energy it needs
  • Change your diet for good and ensure it is nutritious and varied
  • Also beneficial in cases of unintentional weight loss , anorexia nervosa and bulimia, CED (chronic inflammatory bowel disease), COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), nutritional deficiencies such as protein or iron, chewing and swallowing difficulties.

Oviva benefits

  • Personal: Our nutritionists advise you via chat, over the phone or in person at your doctor’s surgery.
  • Straightforward: The Oviva app is the daily companion you can carry in your pocket.
  • Effective: Oviva teaches you a more sustainable approach to your diet and lifestyle and helps you incorporate this into everyday life. Studies have repeatedly shown the success of our programmes.
  • Costs covered by health insurance: In the presence of a medical diagnosis, standard health insurance covers the cost of the service (less the deductible and excess).

Selina Bürklin

Dietitian Bsc SVDE

Areas of specialisation: Obesity, nutritional psychology, lipometabolic disorders

Michele D’Ascanio

Dietitian Bsc

Specialties: Paediatrics, oncology, obesity and vegan nutrition

Alexandra Schibli

Dietitian HF SVDE

Special fields: Obesity, diabetes, metabolic diseases, food intolerances

Monica Menin

Dietitian Bsc

Areas of specialisation: Obesity, eating disorders, bariatric surgery and sports nutrition

The Oviva app: Your digital companion

Our dietary advice goes hand in hand with the innovative Oviva app. Our app lets you track your progress, speak to your health coach and find out more about health and nutrition. The Oviva app is a great way to record meals and activities quickly and easily, even when life gets busy and complicated. App-supported nutritional counselling is an innovative approach to achieve your goals and has been developed by experienced nutritionists, doctors and scientists.

The Oviva app is your daily companion. Once you register, we’ll send your personal app login details via email, so you can download the Oviva app and get started with these features.


Keep a journal

Your entries are saved as a digital diary and your to-do list is updated daily. You can easily navigate between individual days.


Monitor your to-dos

The task area shows your suggested daily to-dos, always tailored to your personal goals. You can monitor progress and, once you have completed a task, close it.


Monitor your weekly overview

The weekly overview is automatically generated on a weekly basis and offers insights into your current progress.


Browse learning resources

The Oviva app comes with supporting educational material. Read up on specific topics and gain useful insights about your body and your health.


Analyse your eating habits

After just a few days, you will receive a personalised overview of your eating behaviour. Oviva highlights which foods you eat enough of and which to reduce.



In your first session with your health coach, agree how often you would like to receive feedback via chat. Feedback helps you stay on track between sessions.

Costs and benefits

  • Standard health insurance usually covers the cost of Oviva dietary coaching (less the deductible and excess).
  • Swiss health insurance providers generally cover 12 sessions per year.
  • In some cases, additional medical referrals may be approved.

First session

  • Review of previous medical history
  • Discussion around expectations, goals and coaching format

Second to sixth session

  • Wellbeing review
  • Coaching adjustments
  • Oviva Live @Home programmes

Seventh session onwards

  • Wellbeing review in light of goals and entries
  • Oviva Live @Home programmes

Private patient tariff

  • Coaching sessions may be privately funded where required.
  • When no medical prescription is available

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