Healthy weight loss
with our professional

How Oviva works

Set weekly goals

Plan your next steps with your dietitian on a weekly basis.

Take pictures of your meal

Take pictures of your meals to get personalized feedback, tips, recipes and nutritional insights.

Ask questions

For your everyday questions, you will receive quick and easy answers. You will be provided with evidence-based knowledge that will lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

Achieve your goals

Work on and achieve your goals with the help of your dietitian.

Choose between the following plans


20 minutes introductory talk with your dietititan

3x feedback * per week

CHF 99.-/month


20 minutes introductory talk with your dietitian

5x feedback * per week

CHF 159.-/month

SWICA contributes to the costs by up to CHF 600.- per year.

* Feedback:

Direct reference to the meal photos / activity tracking / weight tracking

Sharing of information and documents

Motivation and support

Answer to questions about healthy eating


    The dietitian will contact you and arrange the appointment for the introductory interview. Afterwards, you will be invited to the Oviva App to start the program.