Commissioned in 39 NHS regions across the UK, we have delivered specialist services for the past six years and treated 12,000 NHS patients in the last year alone.

We are the only NHS provider to specialise in fully remote services, with digital and non-digital delivery methods, to make trustworthy services accessible for everyone.

Highly cost effective

Our innovative pathways aim to minimise system pressures and deliver quality clinical outcomes to drive in-year cost savings.

Gold standard care

Our programmes are developed and led by expert healthcare professionals, and combined with our unique digital tools they effectively support patient activation and sustained self-management.

Exceptional outcomes

Oviva is the only remote provider with at least equivalent clinical outcomes at significantly lower per patient delivery costs compared to face-to-face services. We are the only provider with proven randomised control trial evidence of effectiveness.

Trustworthy and accessible

Our app is the only of its kind to be a certified medical device CE marked and NHS Digital approved, and we have robust clinical and information governance procedures. Delivery is 100% remote and tailored to each patient’s needs, language and dietary requirements.

We partner with the NHS to offer 6 proven digital behaviour change programmes covering prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, tier 2 & 3 obesity and adult & paediatric nutrition.

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