Unlocking NHS access: Specialist weight management services and waiting lists

Enabling health for all: A conversation with Dr. Neel Gupta

Join us in a candid conversation with Dr. Neel Gupta as he sheds light on the untapped potential of high-quality specialist weight management services. In this short video, we uncover actionable insights to drive a tangible impact on reducing NHS waiting lists and empowering those living with obesity and Type 2 diabetes to take control of their health.

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Highlights: Insights and impact

Discussing the potential of specialist weight management services

Gain an in-depth understanding of how specialised services are poised to reshape the healthcare landscape. Dr. Gupta delves into the heart of the matter, discussing the crucial role these services play in fostering healthier communities and the ripple effect it can create in the wider healthcare landscape.

Revolutionising weight management treatments

Dr. Gupta highlights the revolutionary impact of novel therapeutic approaches, such as Total Diet Replacement and GLP-1RAs. These approaches are achieving remarkable results, with patients regularly losing >10% of their body weight. This level of weight loss has the potential to reverse weight-related conditions, eliminating the need for specialist care, including surgery. Recent research underscores the transformative impact of these breakthroughs.

A Q&A with Dr. Gupta and Lucy Diamond

Join the relaxed and informative Q&A session with Oviva’s Lucy Diamond. Dr. Gupta describes his experience in commissioning of these services, emphasising the importance of proactive and preventative healthcare.

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