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Tier 3 Way to Wellness

About this programme

Oviva Way to Wellness is a 12-month tier 3 weight management programme structured to provide knowledge and tools that empowers participants to improve their overall health.

The tier 3 service allows patients the time and support needed to embed new behaviours as many have previously attempted to lose weight via tier 2 interventions, or repeated cycles of weight loss and regain.

The service can support patients who are not eligible for bariatric surgery, and may serve as a pathway for referral to tier 4 services.

Participants will receive personalised 1-1 or group support led by expert healthcare professionals, with appointments taking place over phone/video calls, or secure app messaging via Oviva’s NHS approved app.

How to refer

Why should you refer your patients?

Accessible for everyone: Increased access to men, ethnic minorities and working age groups with 100% remote delivery.

Support from a specialist multidisciplinary team: Obesity Physicians, Diabetes Specialist Dietitians and Nurses, and Psychologists support our patients to lower their risk of type 2 diabetes and reduce obesity-related health complications.

Reduced workload and cost savings: Improvements in co-morbid health conditions reduce the need for GP and Practice Nurse visits. 

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­­­­Programme pathway

The programme takes place over 12 months and is split into 3 stages. After 12 months, participants can continue to use the Oviva app and will have lifetime access to Learn resources. Find out more about our digital tools here. 


Participants will have a consultation with an Obesity Specialist Dietitian who will help them prepare for the journey ahead. Together they’ll agree on goals for the programme, and come up with an action plan to help achieve them over the 12 months.


Participants will receive 3 months of 1-1 or group coaching. Some participants will be offered a Total Dietary Replacement (TDR). This approach replaces usual meals with funded meal replacement products. Accessible content on Oviva Learn is available weekly including videos, podcasts and written materials to build knowledge to improve their health.


Participants will receive 9 months of regular support, provided by our multidisciplinary team. Those on TDR will be supported with Food Reintroduction. Participants that do not achieve 5% of weight loss after 3 months, will be assessed for eligibility for Saxenda (prescribed within the programme) or Orlistat (via their GP), if Saxenda is not suitable. Saxenda education and support is delivered by Diabetes Specialist Nurse (DSN). Participants that require Psychological support, will have 5 sessions. 

"I can now make correct food choices and having a positive mindset." - Josie

" I can no longer fit into my old clothes and I feel so much more confident." - Akther

"I am more active around my children and feel happier all round." - Ashlee

"I've managed to change my eating and drinking habits." - Allen

"I would encourage anyone who struggles with their weight to join this programme." - Patricia

Eligibility criteria

To be accepted on to the programme, all referred patients must:

  • Be aged 18 or over
  • Not be pregnant or breastfeeding
  • People with BMI of 40 or over without any other health conditions
    OR a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 35 or over and living with a long term health condition such as diabetes
    OR a BMI of 33 or over if they are of South Asian descent such as Bangladeshi, Indian or Pakistani and you have a long term health condition such as diabetes
  • Those who are motivated to change their lifestyle and can commit to the programme
  • Registered in an area where Oviva is available

Download the full eligibility criteria 

How to refer your patients

How can primary care refer to the programme?

After confirming eligibility and discussing the service with your patient please complete the referral form which is embedded into your clinical system and email it to Oviva will get in touch with them to enrol them onto the programme.

Are there any resources to support primary care in referral conversations with patients?

Yes, please click on the following resources and download them to support you during conversations with eligible patients.

1. Participant Flyer 
2. Participant FAQs 
3. Participant Invitation Letter
4. Participant SMS template

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