ARRS Funding available on Oviva Adults & Paediatric Services

Adult Nutrition Support

Oviva Adult Oral Nutritional Support (ONS) is a 100% remote, designed to help adults who need support to increase their nutritional intake. Oviva’s Adult ONS services provide care and support for adults with frailty or malnutrition and those who need support managing their Oral Nutritional Supplement prescription.

Cow’s Milk Allergy Service

The Oviva Cow’s Milk Allergy (CMA) dietetic service is a 100% remote programme supporting the appropriate diagnosis and management of infants with mild-moderate non-IgE CMPA, in line with current primary care guidance.

The service provides infants with non-IgE mediated CMA and their families access to technology and resources to support their infant’s allergy; with access to additional support and expertise from a specialist paediatric dietitian.

Better health for good

We provide 7 digital behaviour change programmes covering adult & paediatric nutrition, prediabetes, type 2 diabetes and obesity. Our dietetic services could support your PCN by optimising patient access to primary care dietetic services through:


Rapid Access Clinic for frail/malnutrition patients and babies with CMA can be referred to take pressure off GPs/ Pharmacists and the community dietetics team.

Direct practice audit

Identifying patients on nutritional supplements and infant formula by direct GP practice searches offering a review with a specialist dietitian.

System transformation

Education for GPs and PCN staff on the appropriate management of malnutrition/ frailty and CMA and optimising nutritional supplements/ infant formula prescribing.

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