Diabetes Support FAQs

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Do I need a smartphone to access the Oviva Diabetes Support programme?

You can choose to take part in the programme digitally using our online resources and app, or you can access an offline programme if you don’t have a smartphone or would prefer phone calls. You are in control of how you’d like to take part and so you can interact with the programme in the best way for you.

What happens on the programme?

Oviva Diabetes Support is a 12 week programme designed to help you lose weight, improve your blood glucose levels and feel more confident in managing your diabetes.

Your coach will support and guide you through the key stages of the programme:

Start: You’ll tell us a little more about yourself, your health and well being and we’ll match you with the right healthcare plan that makes sense for you. Together we’ll agree on your goals for the programme, and come up with an action plan to help you achieve them.

Change: You will then have personalised support over the following weeks to achieve meaningful and manageable changes to your diet and lifestyle, as well as a focus on increasing your understanding of healthy living to improve your health and blood glucose levels going forward. Each week, there will be a new module of content on Oviva Learn for you to read, watch and listen. This will give you the information you need to understand how best to manage your diabetes.

Sustain: For the remainder of the programme you will continue to build confidence in maintaining your new healthier behaviour long term. You will continue to self-track your activities in the Oviva app and grow your knowledge using the new weekly Learn resources in order to embed your new habits.

Who can I contact at Oviva?

Oviva’s Patient Pathway Coordinators are available on 02076224777 Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm and Saturday 9am-5pm to answer any questions. Outside of these hours the team has an answer phone which is reviewed daily and patients can expect a call back within 24 hours.

What happens after I complete the programme?

Programme participants have lifelong access to the Oviva app, online materials and any printed materials given during the programme to support them in sustaining their healthier lifestyle long after the programme ends. 

Will I be talking to a real person?

Yes! Everyone on the programme will receive support from a health coach. This expert coach is assigned based on availability and language requirements.

When can I book my appointments?

Our coaches are available from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday as well as on Saturdays from 9am-3pm. The time of the appointments are flexible around your schedule.

I’m having problems logging in to my online account, what can I do?

Please call us on 02076224777 and one of the Oviva team will help you.

Do I need to download the Oviva app?

We strongly encourage everyone to download the app as it will enhance your experience on the programme. Self tracking is a behavior change technique and can mean people are potentially twice as likely to reach their goals by doing so.

The app will enable you to track your food and activity (either through manual input or by connecting the app to a wearable device like a FitBit), speak with your health coach through secure messaging and set and monitor goals.   

The app is not compulsory and you can complete the full programme without using the app if you prefer. 

Please note participants can only log in and use the app once they have been provided with their login details following the enrolment call with our Patient Pathway Coordinator.  

Where do I need to go for appointments?

The programme is entirely remote with all appointments taking place via telephone calls or through secure messaging in the Oviva app, so you don’t need to travel to a set location for appointments. This means you can have flexible appointments from wherever you are and at a time that suits you, even during the evenings or at weekends.

How do I start the programme?

We aim to contact you by phone or email within 2 working days of us receiving your referral to enrol you on the programme. You will also be sent login details for the Oviva app and Oviva Learn portal, so you can begin to track your food and read more information about what to expect from the programme to prepare for your first appointment.

Are carers and family members able to join the coaching sessions?

Yes, you can include a carer or family member in your coaching sessions.

Who is Oviva?

Oviva is a provider of NHS services, including dietitians, diabetes specialist nurses, health coaches and psychologists that use technology to make care more convenient and accessible.

We have created a series of expert-led evidence-based programmes to help people with health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes feel healthier and happier.

How can I log in to my online account on Oviva Learn?

Your Patient Pathway Coordinator will send you an email with your login details and password. Follow the link to www.ovivacoach.com, and copy and paste or type in the 8-letter code in CAPITALS provided in this email.

Why trust Oviva?

When you join, we will assess your needs and provide you with your own personalised healthcare plan that makes sense for you..

Life is busy. Our programmes are entirely remote with no need to travel, so you can get your one-to-one support wherever you are.

Fit appointments around your schedule, even during the evenings or at weekends.

Have life-time access to psychological and nutritional advice on our app, to help you gain confidence and keep up positive lifestyle changes long term.

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