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Diabetes Structured Education

Diabetes Support

A NICE-aligned, QISMET-accredited structured education and behavioural change programme for adults with type 2 diabetes. The programme provides tailored, high-frequency 1 to 1 coaching and support from a diabetes specialist dietitian to promote behaviour change, with a focus on improving confidence in self-management and reducing the risk of complications of diabetes.

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Programme Overview

Patients work with their diabetes specialist dietitian for 8-12 weeks, first developing a personalised plan with focused goals, and then following a targeted learning programme with motivational behaviour change coaching.

The evidence-based curriculum is delivered remotely, via telephone call or app-based coaching, and patients have lifetime access to a library of learning resources (online or paper based as required).

Patient Benefits

  • Personalised, 1 to 1 dietetic support, tailored to individual needs
  • Highly accessible, via remote sessions and digital tools
  • Effective at increasing confidence in self-management and improving clinical outcomes

Commissioner Benefits

  • Multiple delivery formats dramatically increases attendance rates, driving improved uptake in people with lower patient activation scores
  • Quality improvements delivered: patients achieve on average good clinical outcomes, for example an average HbA1c reduction of 13 mmol/mol and weight loss of 4.5% (based on Oviva outcomes data)
  • Intensive support for high risk patients helps lower medication spend and avoid costly diabetes complications

Oviva Diabetes Support is part of the Diabetes Digital Coach project, led by the West of England AHSN, aimed at providing people with diabetes with new tools for self-management.

We’re delighted to be one of the first areas in the country to adopt this new technology, which gives patients with diabetes better control of their condition and access to personal coaching through their smartphone.

Dr Stuart Logan

Clinical lead for Long-term Conditions in Buckinghamshire

Tier 3 Weight Management

Tier 3 Weight Management

A NICE-aligned Tier 3 Weight Management (T3WM) service comprised of a multidisciplinary team of dietitians, nurses, psychologists, exercise therapists and endocrinologists, which combines the Oviva high-frequency remote approach with a total diet replacement programme. Designed to help people with type 2 diabetes lose over 15kg, improve blood sugar control, and potentially avoid costly bariatric surgery.

To have people free of diabetes after years with the condition is remarkable – and all because of an 8 week diet. This is a radical change in understanding type 2 diabetes.

Professor Roy Taylor

Lead investigator for the counterbalance study into VLCDs in type 2 diabetes

Community Paediatric Allergy Medicinies Management

Community Paediatric Allergy Medicinies Management

This service is designed to address the challenges faced by parents and GPs in caring for infants with Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA).

Our dietitians visit GP practices to help patients access faster diagnosis and specialist allergy support, resulting in better quality of life, fewer A&E admissions and more accurate and efficient prescribing.

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Programme Overview

Up to 8% of infants suffer from cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA) which can cause stomach, breathing and skin problems. Most cases can be managed by GPs, though diagnosis can be challenging, sometimes causing distress for parents and infants due to delays in diagnosis, as well as excess secondary care referrals.

We have developed a community paediatric allergy medicines management dietetic service for CMPA to reduce formula feed prescribing costs, improve access to specialist care, and drive better patient outcomes.

Patient Benefits

  • Better access to specialist allergy support
  • Faster diagnosis and symptom resolution for infants, improving quality of life for the whole family
  • Better infant outcomes as they are taken off inappropriate formulas sooner, reducing risk of weight gain and nutritional deficiencies

Commissioner Benefits

  • Lower prescription costs from better diagnostic support and first line use of the appropriate, cost-effective, hypoallergenic formula
  • Savings range from £50,000-100,000 for a typical CCG spending £250,000 p.a.
  • Reduced demand at paediatric A&E and specialist secondary care allergy clinics
  • Lower cost of service delivery using Oviva technology compared to standard face to face care

Using the Oviva smartphone app and electronic medical record in my role as Paediatric Prescribing Support Dietitian is essential to ensure I can review and provide follow up, whilst overcoming the usual barriers of travelling within a large area, clinic space and DNAs. Parents and carers find the app a convenient way to report symptoms and ask questions and as a result they receive high frequency follow up providing the support they require.

Petra Teufl

Clinical Lead for Paediatric Allergy

Oviva Diabetes Prevention Programme

Oviva Diabetes Prevention Programme

A NICE-aligned education and behaviour change programme developed for people at high-risk of developing type 2 diabetes. A diabetes specialist dietitian works 1 to 1 with participants to give people the confidence to take control of their health and make long-lasting lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Follow up care and support is provided over the ensuing year.

Oviva Diabetes Prevention is provided as part of the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, Healthier You, in England.

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Programme Overview


Our team of expert dietitians can provide personalised support and advice to give you the confidence you need to make long-lasting lifestyle changes and take control of your health

  • Receive support every step of the way from your personal dietitian who will provide frequent coaching for up to 6 months.
  • Get a unique nutrition and activity plan designed by your dietitian specifically for you
  • Choose how you would like to receive this support: phone calls, text-message chat in a smartphone app, and online learning
  • Everything can be done from the comfort of your home and at a time that suits you.


  • At 6 months participants on average lose 7kg (15 lbs)*
  • Clinical trials have shown changing your lifestyle can reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by as much as 58%**

*Results may vary; data from a real world evaluation of Oviva.


Oviva are 1 of 5 digital healthcare providers delivering the NHS Healthier You Diabetes Prevention Programme.