Way to Wellness
Specialist weight support in Tower Hamlets

Oviva has been commissioned to provide
our tier 3 weight management service
across the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Our 12 month programme combines face-to-face and remote care to achieve outstanding outcomes, including referral rates of over 80% and average bodyweight loss of 4.9%

In Tower Hamlets, patients will benefit from:

Group-based or one-to-one pathways to improve accessibility.

Multi-disciplinary care, including dietetics, psychology and exercise therapy.

Evidence-based resources to support self-management and maintenance.

Psychological support and development of behaviour-change skills.

Watch this short video to find out more about Way to Wellness in Tower Hamlets.

You can refer your patients to this service using our referral form, which is embedded within EMIS to enable auto-population. 

Your patient may be eligible for this service if they are:

Aged 18 or over.

Registered with a GP in Tower Hamlets.

Have a BMI greater than or equal to 35 (with co-morbidity), a BMI of 33 or over and of South Asian descent (with co-morbidity) or 40 (without co-morbidity).

Assessed as motivated and ready to change.

The following exclusion criteria applies:

Pregnancy or breastfeeding; Uncontrolled hypertension / heart condition / medical condition preventing increase in activity level; Unstable alcohol or drug misuse; Serious Mental Illness (SMI) requiring active intervention from mental health services including active self-harm and suicidal intention; Hypothyroidism; Cushing’s syndrome

Find a full list of eligibility criteria here

Andy’s story:

“Nothing I tried before worked, I had no confidence in myself being able to lose weight. My Oviva dietitian Rosemary was amazing. As soon as I started changing my diet, the weight was just dropping off! Although I have physically changed, the biggest part has been the mental change – I am more positive and confident now and my biggest problem is that none of my clothes fit!”

Andy is 22 and lives in Wakefield. Our Specialist Weight Support programme helped him to lose 30kg between February and September 2018.