Russell’s story

Meet Russell.

Since beginning the NHS Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission programme, Russell has lost 5 stone and is confident he can keep up with his new habits for the rest of his life.


I was happy enough with my life before starting the programme, but I was aware that I was over 40, and that my health would inevitably deteriorate as part of the ageing process.

I wanted to maintain my ability to live my life the way I wanted, which meant making an improvement in my general health to offset any age-related decline.

I was actually surprised at how easy I found it to lose weight.

I like the shakes and enjoyed the freedom they offered. I no longer had to waste time thinking about what to eat, going shopping or spending time in the kitchen.

By not needing to spend time (or money) on food or preparing meals, the programme freed up a lot of time to do things I enjoyed like reading and catching up with all of those little things on my to-do list.

Beginning the low calorie diet

The care was fantastic. I felt fully supported, both by the Oviva professional and by the group of other participants. Although we didn’t know each other, it was great to have a group of people doing the same programme to help keep you going.

I’ve lost over 5 stone in weight. I feel much better and more energetic and happier with how I look. After a lifetime of disheartening failures to lose weight, Oviva finally showed me that I could do it – and having done this, it’s given me the strength of mind to know that I never want to go back to my old ways and my old size.

My weight has gone from 135kg to 102kg. My target is to get to 100kg and keep under that level, and I’m confident I’ll be able to do that moving forward.

Looking forward

Oviva has given me the tools to sustain my weight loss and has completely changed my relationship with food to such an extent that I am upbeat and positive about my ability to maintain my new weight into the future.

The experience has been fantastic. I have felt fully supported, both by my coach Lucy and by the other participants I speak with during the group telephone calls.”

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