Oviva Diabetes Remission

Making Type 2 diabetes remission a reality through weight loss and intensive lifestyle change.

How to join

We’ll help nurture your relationship with your health.

In this 12 month programme, you will be supported by your own personal Diabetes Specialist Dietitian to lose weight using a Low Calorie Diet, improve your blood glucose levels, reduce your medications need, and potentially put your diabetes into remission.

  • You could reduce your HbA1c by 8.9mmol/mol

  • You could lose over 14 pounds!

  • Reduce or stop your diabetes medications

  • 1 in 2 achieve remission of their diabetes

  • Flexible appointment times

  • Kickstart long lasting healthy habits

Your care

Working with your dietitian, you’ll understand how to safely complete the Low Calorie Diet over 12 weeks to achieve weight loss and manage your medications too. This means you will only consume a Total Diet Replacement (TDR) product consisting of shakes and/or soups for these 12 weeks. Generally you will have four meal replacement products per day.

Your appointments will happen one-to-one over the phone or via private messaging in the Oviva app, which only your dietitian can see.

Ask as many questions as you like when they come to mind, and your dietitian will check in at regular intervals.

Use the Oviva app to track your weight, food, activity, mood, blood glucose and blood pressure. This will be shared with your Dietitian so they can give you truly tailored advice.

New resources in Oviva Learn are unlocked frequently. The videos, podcasts, recipes, quizzes are all written by our specialist dietitians and psychologists, and will support you throughout every stage of the programme to help you work towards your health goals.

How it works

The outcomes of the programme are being evaluated by the University of Westminster. The results of the evaluation will assess the efficacy and health benefits of the Diabetes 800 programme, and will be used to improve access to these programmes across the country.

If you choose to take part in the evaluation, in addition to the Diabetes 800 programme and access to the Oviva app, you will receive all meal replacement products for the Low Calorie Diet free of charge, as well as a free Fitbit and BodyTrace weight scales that automatically sync with the Oviva app to help you and your personal dietitian track your progress.

For more information about participating in the evaluation, please see the Participant Information Sheet.

Deborah's story

“I’ve always struggled with committing to a weight loss programme, but Oviva Diabetes Remission felt like I had nothing to lose. Everything was provided and really it required very little
effort. My goal is to reach a healthy BMI, but I know I have already done something fantastic by reaching the weight I’m at now, and I won’t deny that I feel genuinely really proud of myself for it.”

Deborah, 29 from Hull, joined Oviva Diabetes Remission following her annual review with her GP.

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