Humber and North Yorkshire Diabetes Nurses Event

It was great to see you at the Humber and North Yorkshire Diabetes Event. We hope you enjoyed our presentation by Keren Miller RD on our Diabetes Support and NHSE Low Calorie Diet programmes, which are both available for eligible patients in your area. Click below if you missed the event or if you would like more information on our programmes and how to refer. 

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For more information on our programmes visit our healthcare professional webpages:

Oviva’s Diabetes Support Programme

Oviva Diabetes Support is a 100% remote diabetes education and behaviour change programme, which is delivered either one-to-one or in groups by a diabetes specialist dietitian or health coach over 12 weeks via app coaching or phone calls, and supported by an online learning platform.

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NHSE Low Calorie Diet Programme

The NHSE Low Calorie Diet Programme provided by Oviva is an evidence-based intervention using Total Diet Replacement to support people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes to achieve significant weight loss (15kg), improvements in HbA1c, reduction in medication needs and potentially achieve diabetes remission. Oviva’s Low Calorie Diet Programme has supported over 1800 participants live healthier and happier lives.

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