Hertfordshire Adult Weight Management Service

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Oviva, in partnership with Slimming World, is now providing Hertfordshire’s new adult weight management service. This will include group sessions in your community which will be delivered by Slimming World and a remote digital programme provided by Oviva.

Why should I join?

Personalised support from your health coach or via the Oviva app.

Improves your health and wellbeing with long lasting healthy habits

Free digital tools & resources for you to access at anytime

What’s the difference between face to face and digital support?

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Slimming World

Slimming World provides a 12-week programme which offers weekly face to face group support. As a member of the programme, you choose the target weight that you feel happy with. You are motivated and encouraged in the hour-long weekly meetings to share experiences, recipes and ideas with your fellow slimmers in a warm, supportive environment. Your weight always remains confidential and your weight losses and gradual changes towards a healthy lifestyle are celebrated.


Oviva provides a 12-week programme that puts people in control of their health by offering personalised support from a health coach or dietitian. As a 100% remote service, you can take part in the programme from the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you either via the Oviva app over secure app messaging, or over phone/video calls. You will have the choice to be matched with your own personal health coach or a coach-led support group to help you throughout their journey.

How can I join?

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Oviva will process your form to check your eligibility and then contact you to get you started with either Slimming World or Oviva.

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Participant Testimonials

"I have improved my eating habits and I have managed to lose weight...It was great, the reminders are amazing"

Hertfordshire, T2 Weight Management Participant

"I was very apprehensive at first using digital support but I need not have worried, as it worked well. Even though I have finished the programme, I am still using the app to record my meals and weight"

Hertfordshire, T2 Weight Management Participant

"Advice from my health coach really helped me as well the app, as you can record your meals and weight and see your progress. The programme has made me more mindful about food and the importance of drinking plenty of water. I will certainly continue to work towards my goal and use the Oviva app"

Hertfordshire, T2 Weight Management Participant

"I have lost weight and my clothes I wear look and feel better. In addition, my blood pressure has decreased"

Hertfordshire, T2 Weight Management Participant

"The programme is very useful and informative, the app is helpful for keeping track of your progress as you can fill it in anytime"

Hertfordshire, T2 Weight Management Participant

"I have learnt to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s a nice bonus when you are losing weight, but it is ultimately about feeling better about yourself and physically. The programme was easy to follow and changed my life in so many positive ways"

Hertfordshire, T2 Weight Management Participant

Your questions answered

Visit our FAQs to find out more about the Hertfordshire Adult Weight Management Service.


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