Oviva is a provider of healthcare services, including dietitians, diabetes specialist nurses and psychologists that use technology to make care more convenient and accessible for patients.

We have created a series of dietitian-led evidence-based programmes to help people with health conditions such as type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes feel healthier and happier.

As part of the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, you have the choice to join a free digital programme.
The digital programme takes place over 9 months, with the aim to help you achieve your personal health goals, reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and to help you to build healthy habits to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle.

The programme is split into three stages. The first is called Start, you will have a phone call consultation with a specialist diabetes dietitian to discuss your current health and wellbeing and your personal health goals. Once you have agreed your goals with your dietitian, you will work together to create a plan.

The second stage is called Change. You will have 6 weeks of support from your personal health coach to help you create new habits and stay on track, with flexible appointments using phone calls or app messaging. The programme will be tailored to you, your goals and how confident you feel in achieving them. You can use our smartphone app to track your progress, speak to your coach and access our online learning resources. You can also access our learning resources from a tablet, laptop or computer if you prefer using a larger screen.

The final stage is called Sustain, and is focused on maintaining your healthy choices for the long term. You will have six 30-minute appointments (typically one every month) with your health coach to support you in sustaining your healthier lifestyle. You will still have access to all the online learning tools to help you track your own progress.

The digital Healthier You National Diabetes programme is 100% remote, giving you flexibility to speak with your personal health coaches at a time and location suitable for you. You can take part from the comfort of your own home through messaging in the Oviva app, phone calls, or video calls. You can also access our learning resources from a tablet, laptop or computer if you prefer using a larger screen.

To book your first health coach appointment, you must do the following 3 steps:

1. Complete the questionnaire – we will send you this in an email, and it helps us match you with your health coaches. You can also do this over the phone if you prefer.

2. Log in to your online account – we will provide your login details either over the phone or in an email. You must log in to your account before we can book your first appointment.

3. Log your current weight on the Oviva app or send a photo of your current weight reading on your scales to ovivauk.healthieryou@nhs.net. Please note this measurement is only valid for 30 days and if this time lapses before your appointment is booked, you will need to provide a new photo.

Once you have done all of these things, or if you are unable to send us a photo of your weight measurement, or you’d like to do your questionnaire over the phone, call us on 02076224777 to book your first appointment with one of the Oviva health coaches.

As a digital provider of the programme, we ask that all participants log in to their online account before their first phone call appointment. Our online resources include videos, podcasts, recipes and ideas all designed to give you hints, tips and resources that you need for success to achieve your goals. Having access to them right from the beginning is crucial to supporting your behaviour change.

As we are the digital provider of the NHS programme we are unable to do a traditional weigh-in, which is what would happen if you took part in a face-to-face or group programme.

For this reason, NHS England requests that everyone who takes part in the digital programme must provide photo evidence of their weight so that we can review your progress throughout the programme. This is separate from your weight tracking in the Oviva app.

If you have a smartphone we recommend submitting this via the Oviva app. Follow the prompts to verify your weight on the Oviva app and once you’ve done this call us on 02076224777 to secure your first appointment.

If you are unable to access the Oviva app, please stand on a set of scales and take a photo of your weight. Email ovivauk.healthieryou@nhs.net, attach the photo and once this has been sent call us straight away on 02076224777 to secure your first appointment.

The NHS states that photos of weight readings are only valid (and can be accepted) within 30 days of the date we receive them. This is so that they have a clear idea of how you are progressing in the programme with a recent weight reading.

Sometimes we need to receive an up-to-date weight reading to move you forward in the programme, such as booking your first health coach appointment. As your weight reading is only valid for 30 days, if this time lapses before your appointment is booked you will need to provide a new weight.

Yes! Each patient is assigned a personal health coach who will support them throughout the programme. Oviva’s health coach team is available for booked appointments from 9am-8pm Monday to Friday, and 9.30am-5pm on Saturday. The time of your appointments are flexible to fit around your schedule.

A dietitian is a qualified healthcare professional who is regulated by the UK Health and Care Professionals Council and whose title is also protected by law. They hold either a four-year degree in dietetics, or a science degree followed by a two-year postgraduate qualification. A dietitian has supervised and assessed professional practice in clinical nutrition, medical nutrition therapy and food service management.

The Oviva team will book all your health coach appointments after your first phone call. This is the best way for us to organise your appointments around your schedule at a time that suits you. If you cannot make an appointment, please let your health coach know as soon as possible, or call us on 02076224777.

Download the Oviva app via the Android Google Play Store or the Apple AppStore and login using your personal login details sent to you via email. You can also log in by entering your mobile number and date of birth.

Open your App store on your phone. If you have an iPhone this will be called the ‘App Store’. If you have an Android phone, like a Samsung or HTC phone, it will be called the ‘Google Play Store’. You’ll need an account with your app store to download the Oviva app. Once you have an account, search ‘Oviva’ to find the app and click download.

When the app is downloaded on your phone, tap the icon to open it. You will then be asked to enter your login details. You will find these in the email sent to you after you have completed your sign up survey for the programme. In addition you can also log in with your mobile number. You will be asked some questions to set up your personal profile. Please answer them as well and honestly as you can.

Your Patient Pathway Coordinator will send you an email with your login details and password. Follow the link to www.ovivacoach.com, and copy and paste or type in the 8-letter code in CAPITALS provided in this email.

Please call us on 02076224777 and one of the Oviva team will help you.