Oviva is a provider of healthcare services, including dietitians, diabetes specialist nurses and psychologists that use technology to make care more convenient and accessible for patients.

We have created a series of dietitian-led evidence-based programmes to help people with health conditions such as type 2 diabetes feel healthier and happier.

A dietitian is a qualified healthcare professional who is regulated by the UK Health and Care Professionals Council and whose title is also protected by law. They hold either a four-year degree in dietetics, or a science degree followed by a two-year postgraduate qualification. A dietitian has supervised and assessed professional practice in clinical nutrition, medical nutrition therapy and food service management.

Putting your diabetes into remission means that, although you have a diagnosis of diabetes, your blood sugar levels have for the moment returned to a healthy level. Remission from your type 2 diabetes is achieved if you have lost weight, a blood glucose reading below the diagnosis levels for diabetes, and stopped taking all blood glucose lowering (diabetes) medications.

Achieving remission involves weight loss and lifestyle changes that will improve your health. Benefits include:

  • Stopping or reducing the number the medications you need to take
  • Reducing your risk of heart disease and other diabetes related complications
  • Improve your mental wellbeing
  • Help you sleep better and generally feel more healthy
  • Reducing your risk of arthritis, especially in your knees, hips and back

The Low Calorie Diet is only required in the first 12 weeks. It offers the highest chance of achieving significant weight loss over a short period and therefore putting your diabetes into remission. You will use a Total Diet Replacement (TDR) product, consisting of shakes and/or soups during this time which contain all the essential vitamins and minerals you need. Generally you will have four meal replacement products per day. The Oviva team will provide information and support you in getting the TDR product.

Having the recommended shakes or soups as your Total Dietary Replacement products is a proven way to lose weight quickly and safely, increasing your chances of putting your diabetes into remission. Following the recommended plan is much easier than trying to calorie count standard meals and snacks, as often people can find it difficult to stick to the strict limit. The shakes and soups are also nutritionally complete, meaning they contain all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs to work properly.

You will have an assessment with a member of the Oviva team who will book in your first consultation with your personal Dietitian, and give you your login details for the Oviva app and our Learn portal.
After your consultation you will start your Low Calorie Diet. This means you will consume recommended shakes or soups approximately 4 times a day instead of your usual meals. These products contain all the nutrients and minerals your body needs, will provide roughly 800 – 850kcal a day. after this, your Dietitian will help you to reintroduce food over 4 weeks and help you build new healthy habits For the remaining 8 months of the programme, you will work on sustaining these healthy habits to keep your weight loss and improvements to your diabetes management.

Oviva Diabetes 800 programme is 100% remote, giving you flexibility to speak with your personal Specialist Diabetes Dietitian at a time and location suitable for you. You can take part from the comfort of your own home through messaging in the Oviva app.

Yes! Each patient is assigned a personal Specialist Diabetes Dietitian who will support them throughout the programme. Oviva’s Specialist Diabetes Dietitians are available from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday. The time of the appointments are flexible to meet your needs.