Ashlee’s Story

Meet Ashlee, a dedicated Biomedical Scientist and loving mum to her two children. Ashlee embarked on Oviva’s Tier 3 Way to Wellness programme, where she was determined to make positive changes to her overall health and well-being. 

“Before the programme, I had a constant general feeling of I can’t be bothered.”

What was my life before the programme? It often felt chaotic and I had no structure to my eating. I had a persistent feeling of sluggishness, frequent tummy pains and a sense of laziness. I had a constant feeling of ‘I can’t be bothered.’ I was in a rut, and I knew I needed to make a change to my lifestyle. Feeling at rock bottom about my weight and overall health, I recognised the need for change and decided to take action. I made an appointment with my GP, and it was during that visit to the GP surgery when I realised I was fully committed to making a change. My GP referred me onto Oviva’s Tier 3 Way to Wellness programme, knowing it would provide the support I needed.

The first 2 weeks were challenging, I’m not going to lie. My previous diet was filled with an excessive amount of sugar and fat, and suddenly for 8 weeks I could not eat anything but soups and shakes. However, I knew this was the best way to lose weight so I was determined to stick at it. After 9 weeks of being on Total Diet Replacements (TDR) and the frequent support I received from my health coach at Oviva, I had lost 16kg. I was feeling amazing; so much more confident and motivated than ever before.

“My first meal after TDR was homemade honey chilli chicken with rice, it was an absolute delight!”

The reintroduction of solid food made me a little nervous at first. I was unsure how my body would react, and how I would feel eating again. However, after I ate my first meal, which was homemade chilli chicken with rice, it was a delight and I savoured each bite. Gradually, with the support of Oviva’s digital tools and advice from my health coach, I successfully weaned myself off shakes and soups. I started to treat myself to small pieces of chocolate and realised I no longer craved it like I did before. Now, I can enjoy a bit of chocolate alongside my healthy eating, thanks to the progress I’ve made.

“I can now run alongside my daughter riding her bike, not ask her to wait for me to keep up.” 

I am currently at month 9 of the programme, and working with my health coach to implement changes to my eating portions and overall food choices. I have been making the most delicious and nutritious meals! I am finally enjoying going clothes shopping, something I would always put off as I believed that what I wanted to wear looked good on other people, but not me. When it comes to working, I feel that I am more motivated, productive and energised during my shifts. I have never really lacked self-confidence but a lot of it was a front. Whereas now, it is anything but a front. I feel great, the whole experience has been life changing!