About us

Advisory board

Oviva’s technology and approach has been tested and designed with clinicians and leading healthcare experts on the Oviva advisory board.

Dr Graham Rich
Senior Advisor

Dr Graham Rich specialises in both operational and commissioning aspects of health services. He has over 30 years of NHS experience as a GP, NHS Trust CEO in Bristol, and Primary Care Trust CEO in Hull.

Pam Garside
Senior Advisor

Pam Garside specialises in organisational strategy and development in healthcare and is a Fellow of the Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge. She works with a wide range of healthcare organisations working in the NHS and is a specialist in digital health.

Management team

Our management team combines extensive experience in clinical practice, the delivery of NHS services, and product development.

Mark Jenkins
UK Managing Director and Oviva Group Medical Director

Dr Mark Jenkins has 5 years of clinical experience as an NHS doctor and has worked extensively in strategy and NHS service development as a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group.

Oliver Brady
Head of Operations

Oliver Brady has 10 years of NHS management experience, working across A&E, theatre, surgery, ICU, anaesthetics at Whittington Health

Lucy Jones
Head of Dietetics

Lucy Jones is an experienced consultant dietitian and well known media personality with a background of 10 years clinical experience. Her specialist interests include obesity, bariatrics and gastrointestinal conditions.

Lucy Diamond
Head of Diabetes Dietetics

Lucy Diamond is a diabetes specialist dietitian with over 10 years clinical experience at King’s College Hospital.