Open positions

Who we are

Our Engineering team is made up of full stack developers, software engineers and data engineers. We all have one thing in common: we love finding solutions to complex problems. Not only do we work in a high-growth and agile environment, but our work also directly contributes to improving the health and happiness of our patients, something we are passionate about.

How we work

We develop our software exclusively on Apple MacBook Pro, using JetBrains tools. Since the macOS infrastructure is very similar to our server structure, recurring tasks are simplified, which creates capacity for exciting jobs such as developing new features! We work primarily with open-source software and make sure our stack is up to date.

What is important to us

We care about addressing user needs as swiftly as possible. We therefore use an agile approach with short release cycles of two weeks and work in a cross-functional manner using the Squad model, so we have as few team dependencies as possible. Of course, the right level of fun and team celebration are also essential!

You could be part of this

At Oviva, you take on responsibility from day 1: every opinion you express, searching question you ask and improvement you make is valued. This is the key to optimising our products and improving the health of Oviva patients, long term.

Our own tools

Java Microservices (Quarkus, JBoss), RESTful APIs, Messaging, OAuth2

Web Frontend
React & TypeScript, AngularJS, HTML5

Kotlin, MVVM, Hilt, Compose, Coroutines

Swift, MVVM-C, Combine, UIKit, SwiftUI

Kubernetes, Docker, GitHub, Jira, Google Cloud Platform

Going on a cultural journey of discovery in a variety of locations, such as Belgrade, Berlin or Zurich, is added motivation.

Demian Jäger, DevOps Engineer

What our employees say about Oviva

"It makes me proud to tackle our society’s problems together and to hopefully make the world a happier and healthier place."

Thomas Richner, VP Engineering

"I enjoy all the daily challenges at Oviva, which mean I never get bored."

Virginie Dubois, Dietitian

"Our main priority is our patients’ wellbeing. It increases motivation for daily tasks."

Evangelia Mouriki, Product Manager

"Our close collaboration with GP’s in clinics increases the effectiveness of psychotherapy."

Dr. phil. Suzana Stojiljkovic, Head of Mental Health

"Working towards a common goal, with every team member making a visible contribution to the final result, is a unique experience. I can immediately see how I influenced a product."

Demian Jäger, DevOps Engineer

"Oviva challenges and encourages me. I especially like the fact that I can decide when and where I work."

Samira Zulliger, Dietitian