COVID-19: Oviva update


With national lockdown coming to an end we’ve taken the time to reflect on how our patients’ behaviour has adapted to a new way of life over the last four months. To read our full report please click here.


To support the millions of people living with long term conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes and obesity to stay healthy, it is vitally important people can still access services in a safe and flexible manner.

Oviva provides remote and digitally enabled NHS services in the following areas:

 Type 2 diabetes prevention

 Type 2 diabetes education

 Specialist weight management

 Adult and paediatric nutrition


We have developed the following ways of working to ensure our services remain 100% available to patients and scale to meet increasing demand as required:

1. Our healthcare professional team work from home

2. Our team have flexible working hours

With the news of schools closing, flexible working is incredibly important to people. Our staff are supported to select working hours that suit them and provide the highest choice to patients, with patient appointments available 8am-8pm Monday to Saturday.

3. Our patients have a choice of telephone calls, video calls or smartphone app based text support via the NHS Digital approved Oviva app

This ensures patients can get their support online, offline and without having to stick to specific appointment times.

4. Our technology supports robust capacity management

We closely monitor patient volumes and are able to flex the capacity of our dietitians and health coaches to meet demand.

If you are an NHS organisation looking to adopt such working approaches or increase remote capacity in your services, our Partnerships team are available to help. Please reach out to Hannah Montague Partnerships Manager using the form below.