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Who we are

Who we are

Our motivated team of psychotherapists treats patients across a comprehensive range of  disorders, such as mood and anxiety disorders. We are passionate about providing the best possible care for each individual. We design high quality treatment pathways and diligently make these available to patients.

Psychotherapy in Switzerland

Learn more about our blended care from Dr. Suzana Stojiljkovic, Head of Mental Health at Oviva Switzerland. (Video in German)

How we work

We offer outpatient, blended psychotherapy that focuses on individuals and their needs. In addition to on-site therapy, we offer  video consultations, and online psychotherapeutic interventions in the form of tasks and exercises on our app. We take an interdisciplinary approach to care and offer psychotherapy founded upon evidence. We’re working together to craft the future of blended psychotherapy.

What is important to us

Our culture is built on trust, patient orientation, evidence and teamwork, while our team is known for its mutual support, good organisation skills and rich feedback culture.  Personal and professional development is pivotal at Oviva. We encourage communication, are generous in our inter- and supervision, and continuously develop our professional skills.

How you benefit

At Oviva, you don’t merely respond innovatively to your patient’s needs, you also help shape the future of outpatient psychotherapy. You will assume professional responsibility, be a key member of a growing team and have the opportunity to take on different roles, for example in quality and leadership. Oviva offers you a permanent position with a suitable monthly salary, as well as attractive benefits. These benefits include a personal training budget, the option to purchase additional holiday days and progressive  occupational pension terms.

“Our close collaboration with GP’s in clinics increases the effectiveness of psychotherapy.”

Dr. phil. Suzana Stojiljkovic, Head of Mental Health at Oviva Switzerland

What our employees say about Oviva

"It makes me proud to tackle our society’s problems together and to hopefully make the world a happier and healthier place."

Thomas Richner, VP Engineering

"I enjoy all the daily challenges at Oviva, which mean I never get bored."

Virginie Dubois, Dietitian

"Our main priority is our patients’ wellbeing. It increases motivation for daily tasks."

Evangelia Mouriki, Product Manager

"Our close collaboration with GP’s in clinics increases the effectiveness of psychotherapy."

Dr. phil. Suzana Stojiljkovic, Head of Mental Health

"Working towards a common goal, with every team member making a visible contribution to the final result, is a unique experience. I can immediately see how I influenced a product."

Demian Jäger, DevOps Engineer

"Oviva challenges and encourages me. I especially like the fact that I can decide when and where I work."

Samira Zulliger, Dietitian