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Why should I join?

Online support from a coach or coach-led community group

Improve your diet and exercise

Learn how to manage your weight longterm

Kickstart long lasting healthy habits

Flexible appointments with no travel needed

Join Oviva to lose weight and create healthier habits

You will have access to the Oviva app to track your food and activity. Each week new helpful resources will unlock as you progress through the programme. As a 100% remote service, you can take part in the programme from the comfort of your own home and receive support at a time that suits you.


Keep a journal

Your entries are saved as a digital diary and your to-do list is updated daily. You can easily navigate between individual days.


Monitor your to-dos

The task area shows your suggested daily to-dos, always tailored to your personal goals. You can monitor the progress and, once you have completed the task, close it.


Track your progress

Record your daily meals, mood, physical activity or your blood glucose level directly in the Oviva app, so you always keep track of your current progress.


Browse learning resources

The Oviva app is full of helpful resources written in-house by our team of healthcare professionals. Read up on specific topics on your own and gain useful insights about your body and your health.


Stay connected

Speak with your health coach or Connect peer support group using secure app messaging.


Analyse your eating habits

After just a few days, you will receive a personalised overview of your eating behaviour. Oviva shows which foods you eat enough of and which kinds you should avoid.


Check your weekly overview

Your personal overview is automatically generated every week and can give you insights into your current progress.

How can I join?

1. Sign up today

We’ll process your referral to check your eligibility and then contact you to set up your Oviva account.

2. We’ll create your personalised plan

Choose between phone or app coaching and book your first appointment to set your goals.

3. Download the Oviva app to get started

Set your to-dos, track your goals and watch your progress!

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I have learnt to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s a nice bonus when you are losing weight, but it is ultimately about feeling better about yourself and physically. The programme was easy to follow and changed my life in so many positive ways.

Luc, Oviva Weight Management participant

Check your BMI

To access the Oviva programme you need to have a BMI (body mass index) of 25 or higher. Check yours below before signing up to the programme.

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For help with filling in the form or if you have any questions about the programme please phone 01634 334 814. The phone line is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.