Building your confidence in managing your weight

Oviva Specialist Weight Support
combines psychological and
nutritional support to help you
achieve your weight loss goals and
improve your health.

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In this programme, you’ll benefit from:

Losing weight

One-to-one support
to make diet and
lifestyle changes

Help to manage
mood and emotional

Personalised meal
plans and recipes

Andy’s story:

“Nothing I tried before worked, I had no confidence in myself being able to lose weight. My Oviva dietitian Rosemary was amazing; she was very friendly and completely understood where I was coming from. As soon as I started changing my diet, the weight was just dropping off! Although I have physically changed, the biggest part has been the mental change – I am more positive and confident now and my biggest problem is that none of my clothes fit!”

Andy is 22 and lives in Wakefield.
Oviva’s Specialist Weight Support programme helped him to lose 30kg between February and September 2018.

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