Making Type 2 diabetes remission a reality through weight loss and intensive lifestyle change support

Oviva Diabetes 800 will help you achieve
over 2 stone (15kg) of weight loss,
which has been shown to help
people reduce or even stop
their diabetes medications.

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In this 12 month treatment, you’ll benefit from:

Losing weight

Healthy blood
sugar levels

Reduced risk of
diabetes complications

Potential to take fewer
diabetes medications

How it works:

The programme is offered over the phone, by video or via the app and is split into 3 stages:

○ Start: Initial one-to-one consultation with specialist Dietitian, to set goals and create an action plan

○ Change: Personalised support over 12 weeks of a Low Calorie Diet using nutritionally complete meal replacement products, such as shakes or soups, to achieve rapid weight loss. This is followed by 4 weeks of coaching to help you to reintroduce food back into your diet in a healthy, sustainable way.

○ Sustain: 8 months of coaching to help you to maintain your new weight and to continue to build confidence in maintaining a healthier lifestyle long term

You’ll have lifelong access content and videos tailored to managing type 2 diabetes and healthy living, as well as our smartphone app to help track your progress, keep a food diary and speak to your dietitian during the programme.

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The outcomes of the programme are being evaluated by the University of Westminster. The results of the evaluation will assess the efficacy and health benefits of the Diabetes 800 programme, and will be used to improve access to these programmes across the country.

If you choose to take part in the evaluation, in addition to the Diabetes 800 programme and access to the Oviva app, you will receive all meal replacement products for the Low Calorie Diet free of charge, as well as a free Fitbit and BodyTrace weight scales that automatically sync with the Oviva app to help you and your personal dietitian track your progress.

For more information about participating in the evaluation, please see the Participant Information Sheet.

Tom’s story:

“I can’t thank my dietitian Lucy enough for her help”

Tom* lost over 3 stone (20kg) in 12 weeks, achieved a normal blood sugar level and was able to safely stop taking all diabetes medications.

*Tom’s name has been changed for confidentiality.